Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Future Treasures

Here we are at the end of Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  I didn't quite get in on everything this time around, as I missed signing up for a few things here or there, but I did get a chance to vote this year and wanted to give a Congrats to all the winners!

For the final meme for this week, we were asked to reflect on and consider a few things:

What you enjoyed about BBAW?  As many others have said, it's always fun to learn about new blogs that have started up recently, or been around and I just missed them!  In the end, we all really love books and want to share that with others.  What could be better? 

What are your blogging goals?  One of the things I've really tried to focus on this past year was to not get so caught up in self-imposed deadlines and posts that I forget why I started blogging in the first place!  In the end, it always comes back to good stories, and I want to continue to read and share great stories.  I'd love to feature a few more authors this next year and even help feature some of our great local authors.  Before I began blogging about books, I was pretty unaware of authors.  That is sad to say, but really quite true.  Today authors have blogs of their own and they reach out their readers in so many ways that I really can learn more about the artists who keep my life filled with great reading material. 

I know.  My goals are not all that exciting.  They are simple, but they spell out a pleasant year ahead of great reading and great friends with which to mix and mingle.


  1. The main reason I blog is to learn about new & exciting writers from around the world,so far this has proved a fantastic way of doing it. I hope you continue to enjoy your goals & find those artists that inspire.

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  3. You should try to interview Sherman Alexie! That would be an exciting goal, no? :)

  4. Parrish Lantern--Thanks! I hope so too. :)

    Heidenkind--Whoa, now that would be really a triumph. I doubt that will happen, but what a day!