Saturday, September 4, 2010

Around the Blogosphere: Foodie Blogs

As with many readers, I have a secondary love for cooking and cookbooks.  Last year I started following a couple of food related blogs and soon had a nice list that I enjoyed checking into.  I'll admit to checking out a couple of cookbooks every time I go to the library, so foodie blogs have seemed to fill a new place in my reading interests, and one that I thought I should share!

Anniebakes is a cute blog that shares some pretty easy and simple recipes.  This is a newer blog I've added to my list, but a good one!

Another blog I've followed for awhile is Brownie Points, which has some pretty delectable looking treats.  I love the pictures on this site and have used an idea or two about ingredients to jazz up my own cooking.

Chocolate & Zucchini is another blog that I have followed for awhile.  I liked the wide range of recipes that this blog features, from baked treats, to starters, to main dishes.  There is a nice variety shared on this blog, which is why I keep going back!

Closet Cooking is actually a new acquisition to my foodie blog roll.  This blog popped up in my search for more Thai recipes, at which time I also noticed a nice range of cuisines represented by this blog.

Another pretty new blog I discovered is Deep South Dish, which has me pretty excited.  Having lived in Mississippi before, I was excited to see some good southern dishes posted.  Along with that new blog, I discovered Kitchen Belleicious at the same time.  This blog has really nice recipe cards that are ready to print and use.  I loved the banana pudding tarts that was posted not long ago and have decided that I have to try making them.

Mommy's Kitchen is a nice, home cooking blog.  It's always fun to find recipes you didn't even know you were looking for in the first place, right?  Along this line, I also really like Well Fed, which walks through the steps for some nice recipes you could share with family and friends.

Dare I admit that some of my first foodie blogs that I followed were cupcake blogs?!?  The pictures, flavor combinations, and passion of the bloggers had me hooked right away.  One of my favorite is Cupcake  Bakeshop by Chockylit.  If you like pretty pictures of cupcakes and interesting combinations, then I can really recommend this blog.

Another place to see mouth-watering baked goods is My Baking Addiction.  Their site is really well put together and has great pictures of the recipes they cook up.

On my foodie blog roll I have a couple of blogs that are dedicated to Italian food.  The first is My Italian Grandmother, which posts a variety of Italian dishes from time to time.  (Just a warning though, it also has spontaneous music which you can shut off by scrolling down on the right-hand side.)   The other is Sunday Sauce. They actually haven't posted in awhile, but I like the search capabilities on the blog because they have a backlog of some good recipes.  I think the real reason I appreciate this site is because they explain things about the food or recipes.

The last site I want to mention is Simply Recipes.  This blog is really nice, and dedicated 100% to recipes and beautiful foods to share with their readers.  I love, love, love this blog and have tried out several of their recipes in the past. 

There we go.  I've wanted to share this secondary blogroll for quite some time.  If you like reading cookbooks and recipes, this is a nice collection of blogs to try out.

I know that there is a wonderful range of blogs out there.  What other types of blogs do you follow?


  1. I love watching foodie shows, but for some reason I haven't gotten into foodie blogs that much. I did want to start a foodie blog though, called Nowhere Bites. It would have been about restaurants in rural and small town areas. But I have enough trouble keeping up with the book blog, so there you go.

    I follow several art history and museum blogs, of course. Alberti's Window is a really good one that's very accessible to non-art history majors.

  2. Thanks for sharing-I'm always on the lookout for new recipes, and don't know why I didn't think of looking at cooking blogs! (I also never thought of checking out cookbooks at the library)

  3. Heidenkind--You know, the food pics on some of these sites is what grabbed me. :) I don't comment very often on their sites though, which is strange. I guess I just think of them as sharing, minus feedback, but I really should comment once in awhile.

    I think that's cool that you follow art sites. You should share them!

    Buckeye Girl--These have some good ones! I'm not even a cupcake baker, but I have been persuaded by some of the recipes they share. :)