Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Salon: A Pre-Thanksgiving Thank You

Happy Sunday! Although I have a slew of reviews to write, and a bunch of reading I'd like to do, I also just feel like chit-chatting. Many of us readers seem to be in the same boat, right? We read something, and then we want to share it or tell someone about it. Although reading closes everyone and everything else off, we end up wanting to share great books we love with our friends, acquaintances, and the world. When a student loves a book they've just read, they'll come into my room and say, "Have you read this book?" If I haven't, they insist I do so IMMEDIATELY. It's pretty funny, but so true. When we really love a book, we want to share the feeling and spread it around!

So, if you read a lot, how do you talk about what you join a book club, you take literature classes, you review books online, or you book blog. I love the chance to talk about what I'm reading, books I love, or even why I read, with a community of other people who also love books and reading. On this Sunday before our American Thanksgiving holiday, I wish to say thanks to all my book-enthusiast friends; thank you for all your wonderful conversations, suggestions, and ideas on books and reading. You all really are the best and I hope this week is the best for you and yours!

This week I have a stack that's falling over, and includes a few of the books in my last post. Today I'm reading essays, not books, but come Tuesday night the books are all mine!

Don't forget to enter the War Dances, hardback book giveaway. Sherman Alexie's newest release really is fantastic!


  1. Right back at you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! May you get lots of reading done during your break. :)

    The only place I really talk about books is online. My mom liked to read, but she doesn't really like to talk about them that much.