Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Salon #12: Dewey's Readathon & More

It's hard to believe that summer is over and fall is more than underway. We're preparing to finish our first term at school already, which blows my mind! I'm already looking towards Christmas, with a few major purchases made here and there in preparation. The old adage that time flies feels more real with the passing of each year!

As I consider the coming week(s), I wanted to post an update on the Dewey 24-hour Readathon. In the spring I was a cheerleader, which was great fun. I loved seeing what everyone was reading, and meeting so many great bloggers. After participating in the 48-Hour Book Challenge in June, I realized that if you could swing the time element, that joining in was great fun!

We've been asked to post what we're going to be reading for the challenge, and even that was a "challenge" for me to come up with! I have way too many books right now to get through, and the two days before the readathon, I have a fall break and will probably be reading (and grading, as always) my little eyes out. I have been eagerly anticipating the break, and have stacks! However, knowing the way I read for the 48-Hour, I pulled together a list and a strategy that might work for me. Here is just a picture of a few of the books I'd like to tackle...

One thing I learned from the other marathon challenge was that I'm NOT VERY GOOD at just sitting and reading for that long. I decided that I'm just not going to worry about it, and have a great time with what I can do! Before, I tackled a really hard book for the challenge, The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. It was an amazing book, yet dense and slow going. I really don't regret choosing a book that I felt I spent almost as much time annotating as I did reading. In hindsight, having the time to devour it in one sitting really enhanced my reading of the novel, so although I watched others whiz right on by with book after book being read (which caused me a bit of anxiety at first), I am perfectly happy with my previous experience.

Having said that, my choices center around books I WANT to read (thanks to many other reviews I've read): The Actor and the Housewife and A Year Down Yonder. Next, I have books that I NEED & want to read for challenges I'm participating in: finish Pride and Prejudice (not pictured because it's on my Kindle but being read for the Everything Austen Challenge), finish Dracula (for the 1% Reading Challenge), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (British version for the Harry Potter Challenge), rounded out by White Tiger (last year's Booker Prize winner) and 19th Wife (a book I won from Booknut--thanks).

This is just a start though. Mount Too Be Read (Mt. TBR) is falling over with many great books to choose from, so I won't be without plenty to choose from!

To finish today, I wanted to post a couple of quick pics of my new house. The pictures aren't great, and they only show the kitchen and master bedroom, but I thought I'd give you a peek!

Yes, it's still a bit of a work in progress, but I'm loving my new home more and more with each day. More than anything else, I love knowing that the space is entirely my own. The kitchen is just off of the living room on the first floor. You can see that I put up a bookshelf at the end of the island to hold all my cookbooks. A bit messy still, but all mine!

Finally, here's a condensed, poorly taken picture of my master bedroom on the second floor. I've since put up my paintings, but at this point, the bed and bookshelves came first! You can't really see it, but there's a nice, comfy chair over by the window that I often sit in to grade papers, write blog posts, and to read a good book. In the other direction, there is another large bookshelf, and another couple of bookshelves in the den (not pictured because it's WAY too messy still). Overall, it's a great new home, and a great investment. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me through friendly tweets or comments. It was a difficult process at the time, but so worth it!

By the way, thanks for recommending locations for my bookshelves. I did finally decide that I couldn't part with them in my bedroom. Honestly though, at the rate I'm going they'll be in every room in the house!


  1. Hey Becky!!!

    I love pictures of your new house-so fun! Congrats by the way-I bet you are really loving it! Hopefully someday I'll actually visit your neck of the woods again!

    Hope all is well!

  2. I'm participating in the read-a-thon too!! Can't wait!! And, I love the pics of the new house!!! Congrats!! Isn't it great to have it all to yourself?!?! :)

  3. Beautiful new house! Have fun with the have some great books chosen. We'll be away that weekend, so I have to wait until spring :-(

  4. w00t, pictures! The new place looks great--very cozy and homey. It sounds like it's turning into a library, too, which is cool. :)

    Dracula would be way too dense for me to get through in 24 hours. Or any amount of hours. But I think I'm very bad at picking out books for these sorts of things; I woke up this morning already thinking about how I needed to edit my reading stack for the readathon. *headdesk*

  5. Jess--Thanks Jessica, and have a room anytime! :)

    Tif--Thanks Tif. The readathon should be great fun!

    JoAnn--Too bad you can't join in the readathon! Thanks for the kind words about the house. It's nice being in it now.

    Heidenkind--LOL. Dracula's not my first choice either. :) I've been reading it for about a year, so it's just a "pick away at it" book. I have lots of others though that I also need to throw into the mix if I can.

  6. Glad you are enjoying your new home. It looks like you have settle in nicely. I like the huge bookcases in your bedroom too.

    good luck with the Read-a thon; this is my 1st year participating!

  7. I'm so tempted to do the marathon. I love the pictures of your new house! I'm like you-I have to have my bookshelves in my bedroom.

  8. Hi. Very nice house. I have the same problem where to place the books and CDs with music. My friend gave me an advice that it is good to sort books to those which are going to be read and those which are already read and probably will not be read so soon. Then you have to decide where to place the bookshelf. I prefer living room rather than bedroom. The rest of them will go to the ceiling if you have one. Similar with CDs but it is easier with them.

    Good luck,

  9. Looks like you've got a great pile! I have The 19th Wife but I don't think I'll be reading it during the read-a-thon. Soon though!

  10. @heidenkind I was about to say exactly the same thing about Dracula!

    Actually I think anything in epistolary style would distance me from the action too much to keep my attention if it's late in the challenge. I should make a note of this...

    Anyway, good luck!

  11. Good luck with the Readathon. I wish I was participating. 24 hours of reading sounds like bliss. Sadly with two young twin boys (14mo) it's not possible for me this year, but I will be cheering everyone on.

    Love all the bookcases in your house :)

  12. Love the photos of your house! That chair looks like it will be the perfect place to read for the readathon.

  13. Love your books! I am currently reading The White Tiger and it's great so far :-)