Saturday, October 24, 2009

24 Hour Readathon: Half Way Point

I'm a little shell-shocked that we're nearing the half way point already. It's crazy to me how fast time flies when you're engrossed in a good book (or two)! I've actually roped my friend Doc into coming over after she finishes a rotation at the hospital, and we're both going to keep on reading into the evening. Truth be told, she gets engrossed in a good book faster than I do, so when I mentioned what I was doing tonight, she threw out any other plans for the evening and said she'd be over. I think we'll go grab some takeout and come back to my place to keep reading through the night!

Here are a few quick stats at a glance:
  • Hours Read: 6 out of 12 (I started four hours late after sleeping in this morning, otherwise, I would have just kept falling asleep on my books all day!)
  • Hours Spent Online: 1 and 1/2. Every time I took a quick break to get a drink, or record my first, and now second, book read, I'd jump online to see what was going on.
  • Books Read: 2
  • Pages Read: 521
  • Mini-Challenges: 1-- I made a feeble attempt to guess the YA book covers from the snippets we were given over at Book Blather. Thanks Drea! It was great fun trying to remember where I'd seen those covers. I only managed to guess 11, but you might guess more. Head on over to see how many you can guess!
Goals for this evening and the 2nd half:
  • Get laundry in. (Yes, not very readathon oriented, but a big necessity!)
  • Aim at reading a book for one of the many challenges I'm involved in. Maybe I can switch over to my Kindle for an e-reader challenge option?
  • Maybe get in another book or two before the challenge is over?
  • Try to participate in at least two more mini-challenges.
Well, now I have to worry about what to read next...

(Yes, if I didn't feel the need to decorate my bookshelves along with my books, then I could get more on them!)

Thanks for all the encouragement! Every time I hear my iPhone ding, I know I'm getting another message on my blog to cheer and encourage me, so thanks for your kind words. It's almost like It's a Wonderful Life, so maybe some of you will get your reading wings for cheering us all along! LOL. :)


  1. I love your bookshelves! They look so fun!

  2. Sounds like we are about even in our readathon stats. I'm starting to get very sleepy. That's 'cause I went to bed late AND then got up early. Oh, well.

  3. Love your bookshelves. Happy reading you two!

  4. Isn't amazing how fast time is going?

  5. I started at hour one but ended up spending hours 3 and 8 napping. I usually spend as much time sleeping on the weekends as possible so staying up is sooo hard! My sister is coming over to keep me company. It gets a little lonely reading alone for an entire day!

  6. Great progress so far. Enjoy the rest of the read-a-thon.

  7. You know, sleeping in is one of the few things in life I'm willing to put ahead of my reading.