Sunday, September 6, 2009

Challenge Updates: Extending the Rejuvenate and Renew Challenge

In the mass chaos that has been my life in the process of starting back to work and moving into a new home, I felt that I needed to do a little blog-keeping (like housekeeping). Since I didn't really read a book in August--I know, horrifying--I wanted to look at where I'm at with some of the challenges that I'm involved in, and the one that I'm hosting.

First, I am one book away from finishing my own challenge, the "Rejuvenate and Renew Challenge." Due to unforeseen circumstances this past month, I wasn't able to finish, but would like to extend the challenge by one month. I know that several others involved in the challenge could also use one more month, so if it's all right, I'm going to extend it until 10/1/09. Whew! Now I can finish up my own challenge!

Second, I recently reviewed Loving Mr. Darcy, by Sharon Lathan. As a wonderful continuation of the Pride and Prejudice story, I forgot to count it as part of my "Everything Austen" challenge, that is being hosted over at Stephanie's Written Word. This read will make up my first of six for the challenge.

Next up is the "e-book Reader Challenge," of which I've read four out of the ten due for the end of the year. I have one review ready to post for this challenge.

I also participated in the "Shakespearean Summer" challenge, that I failed at. SAD! I managed to read 1 1/2 plays, MacBeth, and then half of Othello. This should have been an easy challenge for me, but the summer got by me, much too quickly!

Finally, is the "1% Well Read Challenge," of which I've read two of the thirteen for 3/31/10, and the "Period Drama Challenge." For the final challenge, I've reviewed two out of the twelve that I need by year's end.

Overall, I think I'm picking away at the challenges I've joined. I'm also participating in the Harry Potter Challenge, but since I've yet to actually start it, I'll hold off on any analysis here!

I don't think I'll be joining any more challenges, no matter how much I want to, because I can barely keep up with what I have. They each are challenging me in wonderful new ways, so I'll hold out hope that I can finish a few more. Until next time, I'll continue reading!


  1. You are a very challenging woman! I'm just in two of the challenges you're in but I think it is enough for me! I think, anyhow, this is a very stimulating way of blogging and an easy way to make new acquaintances on line.Good luck with your next goals!

  2. Yeah I am way overextended in the book challenges department. I have an addiction or something. i don't know. You seem to be doing pretty good though. Better than me! I've only read 3/9 for A Colorful Reading Challenge, which I am hosting and ends December 31st! Jeez.

  3. I actually just finished my second or third (? Do you think I should count that other Wilkinson book I read even though I didn't have time to finish it?) book for the R&R Challenge. Yay! Hopefully I'll be able to write a review tonight so I can post it during my work week.

    As for the other challenges... bleh. I've kind of lost energy on the Take a Chance Challenge, and I want to read a few more romance novels before I start a book for my art history challenge (I still haven't decided what I'm going to read for that, BTW). Zero progress on all the other challenges.

  4. I think I went overboard in the challenges. I'm doing ok on some of them, while others just languish there with books waiting to be read.

    I'm going to finish at least one challenge before I start a new one.

  5. You're so busy!! I find myself joining too many challenges and tours, too. I seem to underestimate the time involved.

    Just wanted to say hi and not to worry - I still very much enjoy reading about what keeps you busy.

    Congratulations on your new home!!