Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW: Blogger Interview With Ooh...Books!

For Book Blog Appreciation Week (BBAW), I had the opportunity to interview the engaging Cara of "Ooh…Books!” Thanks to our Book Blogging community, I was introduced to Cara and was able to visit with her over the phone over Labor Day weekend. What can I say? If you can learn something about someone by their voice and presence, Cara is definitely one to put a smile on your face. She is engaging, vivacious, and generous, and so excited about reading and reviewing, that what’s not to love!?!

Facts and Details: Cara comes to us from the east coast as a blogger since June of this year. She most likes to read classics (of the old variety), but found that during a stressful time in med. School—yes, did I mention that Cara has a degree in Biology and an MD!—that she branched out into Science Fiction and Young Adult Fiction. Although she first started off with “old” classics, she now reads modern literature, mysteries, comedy, and authors such as Koontz.

Unlike some of us here (like myself), Cara started off as a book reviewer from her very first post. The first book she reviewed, after a short introduction, was Harper Lee’s famous To Kill a Mockingbird. While many of her reviews are over classics, old and new, she has also branched out into wonderful pieces of YA fiction such as Graceling, by Kristin Cashore. She also covers great informational industry pieces, adding to the book/publishing conversations pertinent to many readers.

I really enjoy learning about other readers’ habits and abilities, so I asked Cara about her reading speed and consumption. Like many of you, she clips along and puts away a mass market paperback in about three hours. She also is a one-at-a-time reader, unless she’s not enjoying her current read, or finding it to be slow.

Cara generally reads just about anything, although admitted to being a bit of a book snob in high school. After telling her I was an AP Literature teacher, she revealed that she was one of my dream students, who read as many of the required books on the AP list as possible. Today, she will read and review just about anything, minus romance that goes straight to paperback!

I have to say that Cara came across to me as a very sweet, generous reader and reviewer. It was great talking about books, our blogs, and our future goals with one another. Cara has amazing goals for herself in the future, which includes a real desire to turn book reviewing into a career. Out of a love for reading, springs yet another great blogger with a desire to spread that love, one post at a time. Why don’t you drop by her blog today!

For more information, see: Ooh...Books!


  1. Love this! She sounds like my kind of reader!

  2. Hi, just visiting via Cara's oohbooks - I enjoyed her interview of you and thought I'd see what she had to say.

  3. I LOVE that you talked to each other on the phone! How awesome is that. I'm off to check out her blog now. I can't recall visiting before.

  4. This is a new blog to me too, I'll have to go visit.