Friday, September 18, 2009

BBAW: Goals for One Literature Nut

On this last day of BBAW, I finally have made it back amidst midterms this week, to make it back for our final topic for this great week of book blogger love! The question is:
What do you like best about your blog, and where would you like your blog to be a year from now?

Personally, I enjoy the variety of my posts. Although I mainly review books, I also discuss or review films, post topics pertinent to many busy readers, and share a bit about my life as a busy high school English teacher. In general, I'm not out to break into a new profession, but have found that the book blogging community allows me access to other passionate readers...and the books they're reading!

One Year From Now:

Honestly, I'd simply like to put myself on a better review schedule. I'm finding that I have put too many books on Mt. TBR (To Be Read), and as life is prone to do, I get busy and can't accomplish or keep track of all I need to read. There is a slight intimidation factor for me in book blogging, as many bloggers read much more voraciously than I do. I don't think I read slowly, but I do get side tracked pretty easily, and find that I have to read on my own terms.

I also would like to change the look of my blog. I can't say that I'm going to get into self-hosting, and pay for the upkeep of my blog. I'd love to say that I am, but I just don't see it happening. However, I would like to expand the columns, add pages, and spruce it up a bit!

Final Thoughts:

I really want to thank those that are in the community, those that put together these great events, and those that follow my blog for being a surrogate "support group" of sorts. Through your posts and comments, I've had the chance to meet and discuss books, topics, and life with many great people, and for that, I want to simply say "Thank You!" Book blogging for me is a hobby, and one that is meant in all the best ways; it pushes me to read and explore my own interests more. For every one of you who have stopped by and commented on a review, posted a kind word, or Twittered a bit of encouragement...or just a laugh...thanks. You all are great!

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  1. Those are great goals! I ran out of time this week to write my goals, but I really need to get a better schedule of days I post my reviews. Consistency is always a good thing!

  2. I like your goals! I'm another one who doesn't read very fast and is easily distracted. I agree with Buckeye Girl that consistency is a good thing! It is somewhat intimidating when someone can post a new review every day. How on earth do they find the time?

    Looking forward to seeing how you spruce up your blog, though I like the 'clean' look it has now! :)

  3. I enjoy your blog Becky and I'm looking forward to more!

  4. Is it midterms already?! Wow, time goes so quickly....

    I feel all proud of myself when I manage to finish a book a week, so don't be intimidated by bloggers who read much faster (coughMeghancough)--you are not alone! I wish I could read more--I used to average a book a day, believe it or not--but it's just not going to happen right now. C'est la vie.

  5. I can completely relate!! With my busy life, I don't get through as many books as I would like either! Wouldn't it be great if we could read full-time and get paid for it . . . but alas, only in our dreams!!

    I will be sticking around for more from you! I enjoy your blog, your reviews, and look forward to seeing where you go from here!!