Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Times and Seasons

I've been reading this summer, and I'm getting through many of the books I wanted to read this summer. I also noticed that I'm not reading as much as I usually do. This prompted a little panic and anxiety on my part, so I went to my handwritten book log that I've kept for the past 15 years (which is a priceless jewel to me), to look at how much I read and when. Across the board, EVERY YEAR my reading slows down over the summer! In a way that made me feel a bit better, but then I started to wonder why? So, I read A LOT from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I think it's the cold that drives me indoors? Is there more to it?

Most summers I travel, and can't always read in planes, trains, and automobiles (ha, ha), because I'm a big motion-sickness person. I hate it, but there it is. Sometimes I can read in a moving vehicle, but usually I can not. Also, over the past two summers, I have taught multiple online courses that have made me sit in one place so much that I'm always dying to get outside! I always have two or three books on me at any given time, but I can't always say that I want to read and ignore my surroundings. I really AM a book person, but I have definitely noticed that I'm just not reaching for a book as much as usual.

Now that I know it's just a "phase" or season for me, and that once Thanksgiving to Christmas rolls around I'll be reading stacks, I'm a bit more calm. I suppose I can go back out into the sunshine and just enjoy playing for a bit!

How about you? Do you read more at a certain time of year? Is anyone else out there struggling to read as much as you usually do this summer, and why do you think that happens for you?


  1. This has been my best reading summer to date!! Right now I'm almost doing a book per day. My reading tends to go up in the winter too...I hate winter so what better way to get through it than by reading?

  2. I definitely have lulls in my reading, but I've never noticed if it is associated with a season. If I had to guess, I would say that I read more in the summer because the holiday season gets so busy for me. But then again, maybe not!?! :)

  3. BTW, I'm passing an award on to you! Check it out:

  4. Hey, you got an award! Yay, you! ^_^

    When I was still in school, reading was very seasonal for me. But not in the way you'd expect. I read A LOT during finals, especially romances. I think since reading is such an escape for me, when I'm really stressed out I need to do it more than usual--if that makes sense.

    I'm not sure if my reading habits will still stay seasonal now that I'm out of school, but I've never really kept track of it, so it's hard to tell. I love the idea of having a handwritten journal of all your books--that does sound like treasure!

  5. Thanks for the award Tif! :)

    So, it sounds like you each have a "season" of sorts, even if it's not by season. Although, Staci, you sound like you're like me, other than you're getting through so many books right now. Good job!

    Tif -- I can see how the holidays might be too busy and make it hard to read. Maybe because I'm single it's easier? By the holiday, I'm usually ready and can kick back. :)

    Tasha -- You should really get a book log. I LOVE mine. I have kept this hand written book log, where I write down the date, title, author, and number of pages in the book. Then, in the front I've saved several pages where at the end of the year I record the number of books I read for that year, and the total number of pages. Really, it's a good thing, since I don't always review every single book I read. Now that I've had it so long, I really am attached to the silly thing!

  6. i'm a winter reader. i hate the cold but i love the outdoors. i'm hating being stuck in a huge city though so this summer i'm reading excessively more than is usual

  7. I definitely read the most in the Fall and Winter. I just crave it more, I think. The cold driving me in, etc. The need to feel cozy.

  8. Every summer I think I'm going to read so much more than I actually do. I seem to read more in the fall, slow down again around the holidays, and then get the most reading done during the winter.

  9. Oh, and I forgot to say that I love the picture on this post!

  10. I think my reading stays pretty consistent throughout the year except when we're busy at work and my morning and lunch reading time gets cut (May-June and December). I've been finding lately that I haven't been wanting to spend hours in front of the computer to blog, though. There's just so many other fun things!

    Hope you're summer is wonderful--do you have a fun trips planned?

  11. Erin --I am too! I think it's because we somehow feel justified in staying inside?

    Angiegirl -- Ditto! I love curling up in a blanket, with snow falling outside, and a book in my hands. :)

    JoAnn -- I definitely thought I'd read more this summer, but just stunk! Thanks about the picture! I actually took that at Kailua Beach Park here on the island of Oahu. With a location like this, every picture just turns out like a postcard. :)

    Trish -- I've had that problem with the computer too. It's been too hot here to want to hold my laptop for long periods of time. Weird, but true.

    No trips planned, since I'm here in Hawaii. That has turned out to be my trip for the summer! :)