Saturday, July 4, 2009

Period Drama Challenge

As my blog features both books and movie reviews, I also follow a few sites that discuss period dramas. Over at Lights, Camera...History! they feature photos, articles, and updates on soon to be released period dramas. I love the information they provide, and it really helps me keep track of the great films I'd like to track down, especially since many of them skip straight to DVD (only showing in LA & NYC). They are holding a Period Drama Challenge that allows you to choose how deep you want to get yourself into the challenge. Here are the levels of participation:
After careful deliberation, we’ve decided to set several levels of difficulty. Each person will select their levels according to the number of movies they want to see during the following year.
  1. Just looking (2 movies)
  2. Becoming interested (4 movies)
  3. Faithful viewer (6 movies)
  4. Clearly addicted (8 movies)
  5. Undoubtedly obsessed (12 movies)

To make things more interesting, you can choose one or two themes for your challenge. Let us give you an example. Let’s say that Miss X chooses level 5 (12 movies) and decides to go for Kings & Queens and Wars & Revolutions. She simply has to divide those 12 movies between these two themes.

Challenge themes:

  • Kings & Queens (central plot around royalty)
  • Through the Centuries (1 movie per century)
  • Wars & Revolutions (plot set during a war or revolution)
  • Bonnets & Hessians (set during the Regency)
  • Victorian Mist (set during the Victorian era)
  • Maids & Knights (set during the Middle Ages)
  • All Over the World (1 movie per country
I really love period dramas, so I chose to be #5--Undoubtedly Obsessed. I can't say that the pieces I'll pick will all be unfamiliar to me, but I'll try to choose things that I haven't reviewed yet (if I can). If you'd like to join, head over the Lights, Camera...History! at the link above to sign up. I think this should be great fun.

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  1. I love period dramas too..thanks for the cool link!!!