Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Salon #6 -- Feeling Book Pressure

It's another beautiful Sunday, and I hate to say it, but I'm feeling pressure. Why? I'm reading too many different things and not really zoning in as I should. I'm currently reading about seven different books, and my lack of reading ability doesn't reflect on the books in any way.

Some great book blogging friends on Twitter (@BiblioEva, @Vasilly, & @heidenkind right there at the end) recommended that I switch over to children's stories or even mangas for awhile. Maybe, in that way I can focus on one story for an amount of time? I think that sounds like a great idea, and as I'm in Hawaii, it might be interesting to see what they have in local children's fiction?

So, what do you do when you get stuck? Do you ever find that you've started a million different books, but just can't settle down to one? Do you just force yourself to read one until you get into it? Please tell me you're not all instant "fallers" (you fall in to the point where people have to shout to get your attention)! What do you do when you don't fall? I have ideas, but I'm curious to see what you do?


  1. If I find nothing's interesting me, I try to step back and find a different activity for a week or so before trying any new books. I put aside all my books so they aren't on my desk nagging me, and try to resist. Sometimes, I go back and reread old favorites, like the Harry Potter books, just to have something famliar and homelike. Then, when I've rested, I feel better moving back to books. I try to pick things up in a different genre than I've been focusing in, so as not to drag myself down again.

  2. I only read one book at a time. If I'm not getting into it, I move on the next one. I'm harsh like that. :)

    However, that rule doesn't stand for mangas for me because they're really easy to start/stop reading, which is why I suggested them. Mangas are like crack cocaine and they will completely suck you in. I personally like vampire romance mangas, but there are a whole bunch of different variations.

  3. well I am in the same position as you right now. I have been reading all summer and I think my brain & body just need a different activity. I'm going to take a break from reading for awhile but it might just be that I'm not interested in the books that I checked out from the library right now. Books are like food, you have to be in the mood. Sometimes you want chocolate, sometimes you want potato chips. (My reference to junk food is also legitimate because I usually read for pleasure- not books that are going to stimulate my brain cells :) ) If you're looking for children's books here are a few I recommend:

    Harry Potter series
    Babysitter's Club
    Septimus Heap series
    The Fairy Path by Bronwynn Jones
    Dragon Slippers
    Harriet the Spy

    Slightly more advanced:
    The Lord of the Rings
    Twilight- yes I know all women "love" this series but it's really not bad
    Poison Study- series, I loved it I'd recommend this first because it got me out of my last slump

    Sorry they're mostly fantasy! :) If you want a good book to "think" about I'm reading Joan of Arc and How Capitalism Saved America. they're both interesting but I can definitely put them down. Have fun in Hawaii!!!! I'm jealous!

  4. It would be like seeing as many movies and spending a few minutes in each theater,expecting to get the full experience from each.Granted you may be gifted with a super size ability to digest more than one book but you have a limit.Rather than try to figure out why you cant read that many at one time I would try to find out the why ypu would want to.The obvious mathematical answer is the limited will always get overcome by the limitless.Is it possible the drive to want to venture into more literary worlds is a behavior masking a deeper need? Are you reading a novel when all you really want is a stunning poem? When I find myself caught in some obsessive behavior I usually have to reevaluate whats really at the core? Is it affecting my appreciation for what really matters? So in answer to your question the obvious answer is to find one that touches you and follow it through...immerse yourself in it.Its far better to let the wind of one word blow into your sails than to try to sail through a gale.


  5. Whenever I get into a slump and nothing grabs me, I tend to read something that I know will do it. Like others have suggested, a YA novel or graphic novel would probably do the job. I normally read a romance novel; chances are my brain needs a break and I know that I can finish them in 2-3 hours. Easy way to recharge.

    I also do other stuff sometimes. (Shocking!) For me, it's video games or crocheting. Not sure what it would be for you; sometimes we need breaks though!

  6. Children's books and comics definitely help me when I'm going through a reading slump. Also, re-reading an old favourite. I hope you manage to get over yours soon!

  7. I might have two started at the same time, but not usually more than that. I feel the pressure more when I've committed to read something for a blog tour and it ends up being something that just doesn't appeal at the time.

    I honestly think that if something doesn't grab you, you put it down and walk away. If you think you might read it later, pick it up again later. If not, give it to someone else. That's what I do, anyway.

  8. I can relate to this all too well! I constantly have about 10 books lying around the house with bookmarks at various points. I find my reading matches my moods and if I am not in the right mood for a particular book I just have to put it down and find something else.

  9. Usually I try and just stick it out or read something else and come back to the book. I'm not a faller like I once was. Sometimes I wish I were, though. Hope by now you've found something great to read (my apologies--took an unofficial blogging break and am a little behind).