Thursday, May 14, 2009

Library Loot -- 5/14

How the weeks continue to pass on by! I've wanted to read more than I have this week, but have just seemed to bounce from one thing to another. Also, since I leave on June 3rd to spend two months in Hawaii, I've been trying to winnow out my reading pile from the library so that I can return everything and empty my account. Talk about hard! Having said that though, tonight I went in to pick up a few DVDs I had reserved, and noticed their book sale. I was really fortunate, and found a copy of a great little cookbook in the "Luscious" series, Luscious Berry Desserts. For 10 cents, I got the cutest cookbook full of great things like: lemon cake with raspberry curd, raspberry truffle tart, and strawberry hazelnut crisp. The pictures are great, and in reading through the recipes, I can see that it will be very easy to make many of them.

So, for my library loot for this week (hosted by Eva and Alessandra ), I not only returned quite a few books (in the hopes that I can check them out once I get to Hawaii), but I also checked out a few. I forgot that I had Evermore (The Immortals), by Alyson Noel, on hold. It came in yesterday, so I'll see if I can't get it read before I leave!

Besides a stack of DVDs to watch (Into the West, etc.), I checked out the O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook because of the great pictures and innovative recipes I noticed in it. To be quite honest though, I think I'm checking out DVDs and cookbooks because I can't stand the thought of not checking SOMETHING out while I'm there! :)

Anyway, that's it for my haul for this week. I really can't be loading myself up too much. I already have a nice stack of novels sitting at my mom's place, that I've let accumulate for each of my trips. I'm almost finished with several of the books that I'm reading, so I'll return soon. Mahalo!


  1. I love the cover of Lucious Berry Desserts. Lucky you going to Hawaii!

  2. The cover on that luscious berry book is so appealing! I admire your restraint in the library. I go away for weeks and still struggle to get all my books read on time. I'm practically checking them out until the day I leave!

  3. I enjoy getting cookbooks from the library! :) Hope you have lots of fun in Hawaii!