Thursday, February 12, 2009

Late Library Loot

I actually headed to the library last week and returned a few things, picked up a few things, and all that jazz, but since I've been sick...yes, ongoing still this week...I haven't felt up to posting or had time. Midterms are due today, and yes, I'm behind with those as well. So why am I posting?!? Well, after grading all evening last night, I felt like I wanted just 15 minutes to make a post. Sigh... Isn't it funny that posting a little something becomes my break? :)

Anyway, I picked up a really cute book called How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbaleister. I'd read about this little book on someone else's blog and put it on hold at the library. Who knows when I can read it, but I have it sitting in my room, cheerfully waiting on me.

I also couldn't resist this yummy looking cookbook that was set up on the non-fiction viewing shelves. The cookbook Osteria is supposed to mean some small Italian tavern. All I know is that this beautiful bowl of pasta looked amazing, and if I had the time to spend cooking it up, I'd love to try my hand at it! Honestly, I just love cookbooks. They're so great. The added bonus to them is that I don't have to buy cookbooks for my favorite chefs. I can check out their cookbooks, and if I really do like them...THEN I can make a purchase.

Well, I really must be off to do midterms. *Sigh* Until later...adios!

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