Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I worked ALL DAY yesterday. Skipped breakfast (which I NEVER do), ate leftover biryani while I photocopied lesson materials, stayed at work until 7 pm to grade, drove home in silence (too tired to beebop to music), took 40 minutes off to eat dinner, then went right into grading online stuff. Finished my night by climbing into bed with 16 AP essays that still need grading. Still have a stack of work to grade that officially measures over 6 inches tall. Sigh...sorry, just have to gripe.

Next time you hear someone complain about the education system today, or that teachers don't do like the Stooges and poke their eyes out.

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  1. I know it. This is the only job where I have to take off work to work, and have to pay $300.00 to do it!