Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Author Bashing

Okay, I have to admit that I REALLY HATE when authors do this (see link to article)...when they discredit another writer and say that they are crap. If you haven't heard, Stephen King said in a recent interview that Stephenie Meyer was a bad writer. Now I'm not going to say "yea" or "nay" on that, but will say, as I've always admitted, that there are writers who are good STORYTELLERS (and yes, I think even King falls in this category), and authors who are talented writers (and let's be honest...sometimes they don't tell very interesting stories). I think there is a viable place for both types of authors, and can't stand it especially when we bash popular authors that have actually gotten my students to READ!!! Publishing is tough anyway, so why condemn an author who found an audience and was able to reach a whole new reading audience.? Thank goodness for the J.K. Rowlings, Stephenie Meyers, and even Stephen Kings for reaching out to my students, and giving them a reading experience that they seek after again. And no...I still don't like most "Christian" fiction, but I definitely don't bash it publicly, because if it speaks to someone and gets them to read, then I'm all good!


  1. I love that you published your comment 45 minutes ago. That would put you at around 8:30. And I, at 9:15, am reading your post. So much for productive teaching. And using extra time wisely.

  2. That was a funny observation, by the way. I realized it sounded pissy after I posted it. Much apologies.

  3. You're too funny! Yes, I've been using testing time to its upmost extent! Actually, I did get a ton of grades posted from all the quizzes I graded last night. Apparently, I have to have a TV mindlessly playing for me to be able to grade. Dead silence just makes me feel the need to read and post on my blog! :)