Monday, October 6, 2008

Book Club With a New Twist

My original GRE crew and I are getting ready to embark on another Book Club, and I'd like to keep up with it on here (for as long as we actually keep with it). We're all VERY busy with career (me) and schooling (med school for Doc and grad school for "Cool Breeze" roomie), so we'll see how well we do this time. The reading list I posted last week sparked a good deal of debate among us as to why we read and when. We're all feeling like more good books need to move through us (not us through them), and so we're going to start reading books together again. Each month we'll be taking turns selecting a book for the group to read, whether it's a book we've loved and want to revisit, or it's a new book that we feel we want to read and now is a good time. Once we determine who will be going first and their selection, I'll post it here in case anyone wants to join in with us! :) I don't think these newer selections will be quite as daunting (or depressing, as Doc lamented) as our previous list. I'm still mulling over the GRE and really would like to take the test. I can't believe I'm still wanting to go back to school!!! At this point, let me say it's totally about a love affair with English and humanities, because goodness knows I shouldn't expect an easy time or easy money from the pursuit! Wow...why did that sound dirty? :) Anyway, keep tuned in for our first selection, and until then, keep reading...Mahalo!

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