Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This Could Be Me!!!

Yes, I made it back from Idaho. Whew! Those horrible fires in Southern California didn't hold us up, and thankfully, even with the two hour delay, I made the flight right as it was boarding. Sigh...

The flight was fine, and I even read an entire book on the jaunt over. I also left it in the pocket in front of my seat! Grrrr.... Oh well. I can report though that it was a great, uneventful flight, so all is well.

Okay, so now on to why I posted the video above. I GOT IN THE OCEAN YESTERDAY!!! I actually floated with grace and ease, but yes, I got in and went swimming. :) It's been brutally hot over the past several days, and yesterday was about the worst. Mom and I felt like we were stewing in our own sweat! Sorry, but so true. I guess the tradewinds haven't been around, which is why it's been so hot. Anyway, we decided to go to our favorite beach yesterday. Mom parked herself under a swaying palm tree with a book, and I headed into the ocean. It was so calm that I thought to myself, "Go for it you chicken!!!" Once I got over the whole idea of stepping on a manta ray that might be hiding under the sand to grab my foot and haul me down into one of those canyons in the bottom of the ocean (you know, like in Finding Nemo!!!). I know it's an irrational fear, but there it is. I hate not knowing what's under or around me, which is funny, because I never cared as a teenager who would float down miles of canals, climb out in my bare feet, and run back up to the jump in spot to float down again! So I ramble... I swam in the ocean, and it was great. Thankfully, being knocked over like the lady in the video didn't happen to me, but mom is still convinced it will happen to her!

By the way, while it scared the crud out of me, you should all go see this movie! So cute!!!

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