Friday, June 27, 2008


I HATE airports. Okay, so I don't hate the waiting area before a flight, but everything about every other experience makes me crazy. I'm sitting in the Boise Airport (with free WIFI!!! Yay! You have to love Idaho for their generous nature) waiting to board a flight to San Francisco that is TWO HOURS late because of fires down there. if I can do anything about it! Let's hope my flight to Honolulu that then leaves 30 minutes after I supposedly land will also be "delayed." Let me just insert here though, that I have had moments where restless leg, "Oh crap! I'm going to die," and "Why can't this guy put his legs together and give me a little room" moments have left me alone long enough to finish a good book or even sleep, but NOT VERY OFTEN. At least I don't still get air sick like I did when I was a little kid. Although, I did have one very fine vomit on myself moment when I lived in Kansas that had me changing in an airport bathroom at my connecting airport, in a sweatshirt and workout pants--the fashion movement of the future no less. Then climbing on another plane to fly into Kansas with a chatty Kathy by my side who started talking to me. Upon take off, my stomach lurched, I grabbed the "barg bag," and she tilted her Martha Stewart Living up to cover her perfectly made up face and highlighted blond hair to never speak to me again through the duration of the flight. I will say that the little boy sitting next to me with his Tonka trucks kept poking his grandpa across the aisle and saying, "Look grandpa. She's throwing up. Cool!" I kid you not. He thought it was cool. Other than that HORRID journey, I haven't had any other "sick" moments on a plane.

Anyway, I have to stop and say how much I love Idaho. Yes, I LOVE Idaho. Living years with a love/hate relationship with it for the culture that seemed to set me up to hate myself for not living in a timeline, look, or life that fit with the ideals I'd been taught, I now am a semi-stable 33 year old that appreciates Idaho for its open spaces, people who generally will leave you alone but be friendly when called upon, and lack of crazy speed-of-life-stress that I've grown to accept as my constant companion. I still hold those ideals, but just don't stress over them! Even staring out the airport windows, I realize I feel at home.

I'm just leaving my IDLA conference (and scared to type in those little letters after learning "tech" tricks that had our CEO, Donna, admitting that she tracks every time it pops up on the web...even in our blogs! I know I gave an auditory little gasp, and began wondering if someone were tracking things like every time I mentioned Diet Dr. Pepper, Lehi, Dove Dark Chocolate, or some other obsession I might write about? I calmed down though, and have now returned to feeling safe in my posting...). Anyway, after that long side-note, I better pick up with a new sentence. As always, the conference was great! And I'm not saying that for those who might be watching! :) Wait, they're calling my flight. Yay!!! Hopefully I'll talk to you on the other side!

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