Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Blatherings

Here's what I'm really fantasizing about--a sunny beach & a good book!
Here I sit on a beautiful Sunday with a stack of papers that desperately need my attention.  It's that wonderful time in the term when I have to put the peddle to the metal and get everything graded.  Granted, the end of this third term doesn't end for another two weeks, but it's coming up pretty quickly.  I'd love to be sitting back, trying to nap away the lethargy of the time change, but I'm desperately trying to finish up 35 essays before school tomorrow.  I think I can get it all done though, so I'm looking forward to having these essays all finished and in the gradebook!

Yes, I have a number of book reviews I need to hop onto, but I think I'm going to have to do the best I can--like usual.  Dare I admit that burn out has happened a lot earlier than usual this school year?  The burn out is not for my blog, specifically, but for just about everything!  Honestly, I need a good shot of B12, a visit to a tropical location, and a complete time out.  Usually I'm all excited about March Madness coming up, but I've been so burned out this year that I haven't even watched one basketball game.  Yes, the apocalypse must be around the corner!  I'm hoping that I can etch out some time during spring break to soak up some sun and escape into a stack of good books--and boy, I have a nice bunch waiting for me!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I joined Weight Watchers with a friend of mine.  That first week was glorious, what with a six pound loss and all, but I screeched to a halt this week with a whopping zero lost.  I'm thinking my body is reflecting my current feeling about everything in my life at the moment; the mind and body need a big time out.  Yes, I started my day off today with a big slice of cake.  All right, so throwing a proverbial tantrum won't help the matter, but dang that cake tasted good! The temper tantrum is over now and I'm ready to refocus.

Well, I'm off to get these essays all finished up and hope to keep reading some of the books I still have in my stacks.  Here's what's up:

Okay.  Back to the grading so I can get in some time to read!  How is your weekend?


  1. Every time I read about your busy schedule I feel tired! I hope you can get to your books soon.

  2. Guess what I did with my Sunday, too. :P Don't mention grading.