Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Plus by Veronica Chambers

Synopsis:  From Goodreads, "The perfect romantic makeover story about an every-girl whose dream comes true . . .

Beatrice Wilson is our lovable Cinderella, who just got dumped by her very first boyfriend and put on twenty-five pounds. But then she's discovered as a plus model. In the eyes of pop culture, Bee is Jessica Alba and then some! Now she must vanquish skinny rivals, fend off sleazy photogs, and banish jealous frenemies in her rise to superstardom. All the while, she's torn between her first love and the surprisingly sincere up-and-coming rapper she tutors in calculus. But what's better than finding your prince charming? Finally learning to love yourself!"

Review:  Can we just say--book that satisfied my teen angst plus reality-tv-in-a-book desire?  Yep, I really enjoyed this quick read.  In fact, I kind of smiled at the end, even though it had a characteristic cheesy and predictable ending.  Yes, Beatrice is a "thick" girl--*cough, cough* not really.  Honestly, Beatrice is a girl who had a messy break up and eats like a normal girl.  However, we all know that "plus size" models probably have a different standard than other plus-size gals, right?

Anyway, I digress.  Beatrice is a nice enough character who is riddled with weaknesses that come out clearly in her story.  She makes stupid mistakes with men, and has insecurities that far outweigh her plus-size physique.  In short, she has issues that can be annoying, but it's not as if she doesn't have a forgivable air to her that allows us to suspend judgement and just enjoy the book.

I enjoyed Beatrice's Top Model-esque story and found it to be a fun, quick read.  There are some pretty fun, catty moments in the book (yes, they're fun), and also that hint of seriousness to keep us cheering on Beatrice's future.  This was a surprisingly enjoyable read that I could 100% see myself indulgently liking as a teen--as I do now.  It all feels familiar, but is still a fun little book.

*FTC Disclosure:  This review was based on a library copy of the book.


  1. Sounds perfect for the next time I'm in a chicklit/teenangst book. I love ANTM so this one sounds fun.

  2. So better than Tyra Banks' novel about models, then? ;)