Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Blatherings

This has been a crazy, but good week.  I'm heading into the end of term madness, to coincide with all the March Madness that's ongoing.  I brought home a stack of papers to grade that is nearly 1 ft. tall!  It's horrifying, and it all has to be in this week.

As mentioned, it's also March Madness and my brackets are doing fantastic right now!  As a huge KU fan, I'm a little nervous and excited today, knowing they'll be playing later this evening.  The games have been really good this year and I can't pull myself away from the television.  Also, Utah rarely has teams that make it past the first round, so it's pretty exciting to see BYU getting so much recognition and moving on to the Sweet Sixteen.  It's been a great college basketball season, and I'm a very happy fan!  By the way, I'm not sure why everyone is always so surprised that I like college ball?  Do I really come across as such an anti-sport fan???

Yesterday I had my cousin and his wife over for dinner and to watch the games last night.  I cooked up a crock pot of pulled pork for sandwiches, which turned out amazing and were SO easy that I'll definitely be trying them again!  I also cooked up Trisha Yearwood's recipe for Hot Corn Dip from her most recent cookbook, Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood that I checked out from the library.  Talk about addicting!  The ingredients kind of grossed me out, but once it all came together it was so good.  I think that I might add olives and chopped onions, and maybe cut one of the can of green chilies, but overall it was an amazing dip!  It was a great dip to dive into while we watched the game.  Not the healthiest, but I don't plan on eating it every day.

Well, that's my week and a look ahead at what is going to be a pretty tough week ahead.  I don't know how much reading I'll squeeze in, or even how much blogging I'll get around to this week, so I'm looking forward to next weekend already.  Actually, I'm looking forward to Spring Break even more, but that's still three weeks away.  For this week, at least I have some leftovers to carry me into a busy week!

How was your week and what are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?


  1. Okay, I totally laughed at your question about coming across as anti-sports. Hahahaha! How did I miss that you are a huge b-ball fan during all of our years together???? Since I used to play basketball and don't watch college ball at all (weird, I know), I have to admit that I was shocked the first time I read on your blog (a few years back) that you were filling out your bracket. :D

    GO BYU!!!!!!!

  2. I'm a huge fan of college sports too. Our local (Binghamton Univ.)team is in the small America East conference so we're no sooner in than we're out. I watch March Madness religiously though and this year's games have been terrific. Very exciting endings in many. Kansas is doing very well of course, beat my home state Illini soundly. Wish I could figure out how to also watch the women's tournament.

  3. Umm...did Trisha give you hints on what Garth Brooks eats at home? As a formerly huge fan who has a collection of all things Garth, I would like to know.

  4. Yum - the pulled pork sandwiches sound so good as does the corn dip. It's nice to splurge once in a while and eat something naughty. lol.

    Good luck grading all those papers!

  5. If a recipe had ingredients that grossed me out, it wouldn't be made, I can tell you that right now. What was in it?!?

  6. A. Roper--Yea, I hadn't quite gotten back into it after all the interruptions in life. Once I started watching again and followed teams, it didn't take long to be back in full swing. :) I know. Strange that I never let on back then. It was in there though!

    Barbara--My grad school had a great women's team. It was fun to watch them live, but we had to watch local TV to catch their championship games.

    Sarah--Yes! He created a couple of BIG MAN type meals in there that really grossed me out actually. You could see a guy sitting around in his boxer shorts eating some of the crazy things he combined! :)

    Darlene--They really were pretty good, and I'm so thankful for the leftovers!!!

    Heidenkind--Mayo! :\ I'm not a huge mayonnaise fan, so putting it in a dip kind of grossed me out!