Friday, February 25, 2011

Utah Book Bloggers Winter Social

It's that time again for anyone in our area to get together for our Book Blogger bash!  The time is ticking down quickly, but it's always an exciting time to gather with other bloggers, authors, and publishing industry folks.  If you can make it, please join us.  The information is all below, along with the RSVP address.

Here is the basic information:

  • WHEN:  Saturday, March 5th at 6pm
  • WHERE: Golden Corral @ 655 East 7200 South in Midvale
  • WHO:  Book bloggers, authors, booksellers, etc.
  • WHAT:  The cost is $9.88 per person, plus drinks and tip. 
  • HOW:  There's not much to the how bit, except to come with a paperback book, ready to swap, chat, and have a great time. 
***Please RSVP to utahbookbloggers(at)gmail(dot)com so that we know who can make it that night.  Also, please don't hesitate to get in touch of any one of us for more information.  Other than our blogs, we can also be reached on Twitter at: @mawbooks, @SueySays, and @mjmbecky (that's me).

Other places to check in:  Utah Book Bloggers Group, Utah Bloggers RSS Feeds, or Utah Book Community Twitter.

We hope you can come and look forward to chatting and socializing again!  It's always great fun to see the wizard behind the curtains, meaning that we're happy to get to meet the amazing writers of blogs and books alike.

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  1. I wish my area hosted some get-together like this. What fun! Maybe I'll blog about it and see what happens. Every year you all blog about this event and I say, Man, I wish I lived in Utah.