Friday, February 4, 2011

Free E-Book Weekend!

This weekend, starting today and ending Sunday, three e-books are being offered for free:

Lydia Bennet's Story by Jane Odiwe

Love at First Flight by Marie Force

The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

If you're interested in learning about other great e-book deals as they become available, go to the Sourcebooks web page and enter your name and email address in the upper right hand corner.

Happy reading and HAPPY WEEKEND! 


  1. I downloaded Lydia Bennett's story the second I saw it. I still dream of having all the time in the world to read P&P and all its modern day sequels.

  2. Thanks for this link!

    Chadwick's novel is excellent as are all her well researched historical novels!


  3. Molly--I hope it's good and that you finally get some time to read! I lose my sanity if I don't take a time out.

    Carla--Thanks for the recommendation. I actually haven't ever read Chadwick, so now I'm excited to try it out!