Friday, December 17, 2010

The "Should Have Done" Syndrome

First off, can I give a great big shout out and thanks to Reagan at Star Shadow for the lovely Christmas book box and goodies that she sent me for the book exchange!  I actually received it earlier this week on a day that I would call pretty stinky.  Imagine what a sweet little lift this gave me mid-week, so thank you to Reagan for the AMAZING box of books, goodies, and gift she sent!  Since I participated in two book exchanges this year, I'm actually not 100% sure which one this was part of, but I didn't want to wait to tell her it was really lovely.  Oh, and let's not forget that it gave me a wonderful new blog to follow.  Thank you so very much!  :)

Tomorrow I fly out for Hawaii, which I'm super excited about!  When you live somewhere that is cold and dreary (and I actually do like winter--most of the time), it's really nice to escape to a place that is still like summer.  I love throwing on shorts and t-shirts, flip-flops and a ponytail.  In essence, it's just nice to get a little sun.

Having said that, I have to say that I'm REALLY not prepared to leave.  I have so much grading to do for school that it hurts to think about it!  Besides grading, I have blog posts that I should have planned ahead on and just didn't.  I just didn't have enough hours in the day to live a normal life and get it all finished.  Now I'm flying out tomorrow and realize that I haven't done this, that, and a million other things that I "should have" done! 

Here are a few things from my "should have done" list.  Tell me if you recognize any of these:
  • Returned the library books that will be overdue while I'm gone, that I can no longer renew, because I took too long to read them!  (Nope, I can't take them back tonight.)
  • Put my work gifts with a nice card, rather than relying on the raffia ribbons I had my TA tie around them and then deliver for me!  (Well, I wrote a couple of cards, but ran out of time.)
  • Actually sent Christmas cards to family and close friends. 
  • Cleaned my house so that I'm not leaving a dirty pig sty to return home to clean.
  • Made goodies to share with friends and neighbors.  (Although, that one can be dangerous to one's thighs.)
  • Maybe picked up one more gift for so and so because I didn't get enough already?  (Yes, this one haunts me every year, no matter how hard I try not to let it!)
  • Taken the time to breathe in the spirit of the season until now.  
  • Read one more Christmas story before now.  
Now here's the bright side of this "should have done" list.  I can now ignore it because there's nothing I can really do about it all!  I'm on vacation as of tomorrow morning and I'm ready to throw on the flip flops and call it another beautiful holiday season!

What are you already feeling like you "should have done" this year?  Even better, what "will you do" before the year is up?  (I like that better!)


  1. I'm leaving tomorrow for Colorado and feel the exact same way. At least I got my library books returned and the floor vacuumed. Now I just need to pack my books, clothes, and plants, clean out the fridge.... :P

    During break, I am not going to think about school AT ALL!!!! And I might not come back. It's kind of iffy right now.

  2. I leave on Tues AM and I have a long list of things that I can already see starting to slip away from me! Good to know I am not alone!

    Have a great break in Hawaii!

  3. Enjoy Hawaii!

    I should have started thinking about college courses and must do that this coming year.
    My youngest goes to school full time in 2 years and I need to retrain.


  4. I came home for the holidays 4 days ago and also left a huge "should have done" list behind me... which sadly included mailing out Christmas cards. Oh well; there's always next year. I like your let's-stop-worrying-since-there's-nothing-we-can-do-anymore philosophy :P

  5. Well, by the time I got around to read this post, you are already enjoying the warmth of Hawaii! Hope you had a pleasant flight and have put those "shouldas" behind you.

    I hope you and your mom have a wonderful Christmas, Becky!

  6. Heidenkind--LOL. I guess we both did what we could to hobble towards Christmas break! I'm just glad we're off now. :)

    BookSync--I hope you made it out all right! Yea, we're always chasing a mile-long list, aren't we? I think we just all really need this nice holiday break!

    Dizzy C--Thanks Carol! I hope you have a great Christmas. :) We have so much to continue on with on those lists, even if I didn't get to them now. LOL.

    Nymeth--Yay for leaving the list behind!!! :) I love that. I say "oh well" to the cards as well. I even brought them here with me, thinking I had a week to pull them together. Yea, right! LOL. I hope you have a glorious holiday!

    Molly--Oh, you're sweet. Yes, the should haves are behind me, although they do still kind of nibble at my conscience a little bit. I can always do a bit better though, right? I hope you have a wonderful holiday break, minus school responsibilities!!!