Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scene of the Blog: Come See!

Thanks to Cathy over at Kittling Books, I am the featured person for "Scene of the Blog" today!  On her blog, she shares the world of other bloggers' working spaces with us, which is pretty interesting to see where people often spend their time writing and working.  Mine is relegated to my office and front room on the couch, so in essence, you can take a peak at my house. 

You'll also get to see my "Gato," which really is his name.  Yes, my cat's name is "cat" in Spanish.  :)  When my mom moved to Hawaii, the quarantine laws were so strict and kenneling so expensive that she told me I had to take him.  At first, we had some growing pains, as he tore up the carpet around my garage door in the hopes that he could go outside like at home, but we're now doing much better together.

Anyway, drop on by Kittling Books to take a peek at my work space!  Also, take a look around at her book blog and the great reviews she has going up all the time.  Mahalo!


  1. It was one of the first blog posts I read this morning and absolutely LOVED it :)

  2. Hi Becky,

    Your workspace looks cosy and welcoming and I love the idea of naming a cat, 'cat'.

    Have a great New Year.


  3. Gato TOTALLY made my day. Like seriously. ;)

  4. Molly--Thanks! I noticed that you had stopped by. :)

    Fiction-Books & Trish--I know. Isn't he a doll? :) I miss him because I'm away for the holidays. Who knew he would worm his way back into my heart. Thanks for stopping by to see my work space!

  5. Love your work space! I love how neat and organized it is!! Oh, and of course, comfy! :)

  6. Tif--Thanks so much. :) I'm really NOT that organized in my office. My one HUGE downfall is mail & bills. Off to the right, you'd find a giant pile of bills from the entire year that I didn't ever get filed! Yep, that's my goal for this year.

  7. LOL!! That actually sounds a bit familiar! I've been working on catching up on filing and transitioning to the new year this weekend! Hoping to be better too!