Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Salon #10 & Library Loot

School starts for me tomorrow, although the students don't return until Thursday. I'm still in the process of paperwork, paperwork, paperwork on my new town home, so I'm thinking ahead to my long commute over the next week, or two, or three (man I hope it's not three). Since I'm back to my "real life" here, that also means I'm back to my wonderful library here. (Did I mention that the library situation in my county was my #1 reason for wanting to stay in the area? We have the BEST library. My realtor also said that it was his first time ever having someone say they wanted to live somewhere...because of a library. I'm glad I could be the first!)

Having said all this about the many things up in the air right now in my life, I made a trip to my local library to check out a few books. First, I picked up The House of the Scorpion, which was a book I started while in Hawaii, but never finished. I actually am listening to this on audiobook and am NOT thrilled with the reader. He sounds like the guy off of reading rainbow! Other than the bizarre reader, the book is pretty interesting with its themes of cloning and advanced science.

Next, I checked out the next two in the Princess Diaries series. If you'll remember, I'm still trying to read the entire series so that I can read Princess Mia's novel, Ransom My Heart.

Other than the books I've checked out, I'm STILL reading The Grand Sophy, by Georgette Heyer, and a couple other Pride and Prejudice sequels/retellings that I received from Sourcebooks. Honestly, when things settle down a bit more, I know I'll be reading much more than I am. I can't wait. Sigh. So, my Sunday Salon does not really exist right now, but I'm dreaming of when I'll be in my place and can truly relax and get into my stack of reading. Anyone else heading back to school, back to work, or some other excitement this week?


  1. I only wish I was heading back to school. :( Just think of how wonderful it will be when you're finally in your own place with your happy shelves of books. ;)

  2. I'll be back to school next week, Thursday, but I'm not longing for the moment really. It's again exams time for those who failed in one or two subjects. The new school year - so classes - will start on September 14. Best wishes to all of us!

  3. I think a good library system is a good reason to stay.

  4. We don't go back until Sept. 8 but I'm secretly looking forward to being back in the library again, while my son is still crying LOL!! A good library is a great reason to buy a home plus other things that help contribute to a nice community!!

  5. Good luck with school and the move. I wish I had a library closer to me but luckily there's one being built about 5 minutes away. I'll be glad to have it but I've never thought of house shopping based on libraries. Maybe bookstores... :P

  6. It's sad to say that I have not been to the library yet this summer. I moved to an area with a really small library and the selection is not very good.

    I hope you are enjoying The Grand Sophy. It is one of my favorite Heyers.

    I also received a blog award today and I am passing it on to you. You can pick your award up here.

  7. Good luck with the upcoming school year - my two younger kids don't go back until the 8th of September - my oldest is heading off to college on the 28th of August - a freshman.

    Enjoy the new place!

  8. And I'm lucky enough to share the same library system as you. I can totally testify that it is a great library. Always have what I want. I'm glad your back but hope that you get settled in soon. I can only imagine the chaos that surrounds you right now.

  9. I LOVE The House of the Scorpion. I'm a huge fan of Young Adult-ish literature that has the power to really make you think about what's ethical, whether or not there's such a thing as being TOO advanced, etc. Anywho, hope school's going well. Four of my five roommates all moved in today, life's crazy. Colten and I want to come visit sometime soon, so don't be too surprised if we stop in! :)

  10. Heidenkind -- I sometimes wish I were a student again! Yes, I can't wait to be settled in my own place again. It will be so great!

    Maria -- Good luck! I hope starting back went well. :) Best wishes with exams.

    Amanda -- Thanks for the vote of confidence in choosing to stay for a library! I think it's a great reason to love the area too!

    Staci -- Sounds like you have a little bit more time before you head back. Enjoy it!

    Trish -- How exciting that you have a library being built nearby! I hope it goes up fast!

    Bibliphile23 -- Thanks for the award. :) I'll try to get to them as soon as things get settled. Thanks as well for the vote of confidence on The Grand Sophy. I like it a lot, but am finding that my mind won't let me slow down to really enjoy it. I'm sad that it's circumstance that has affected my reading of it!

    Cathy -- Thanks! How exciting that you have a child heading off to college too. I hope the transition isn't too difficult!

    Natasha -- Thanks for the empathy. I know I'm really lucky too, even though the chaos can be a bit much at times! I can't wait to just get into my place so I can relax back into reading again.

    Thanks for the fun picnic. I had such a great time!

    Penguin -- PLEASE come stop by! I need to get your info so I can contact you guys. :)