Thursday, August 13, 2009

Setting Up My Nest

I have so needed to get some reviews posted, but I have been so busy now that I'm back to the mainland, that I haven't had two seconds to rub together. (In fact, I'm up early posting this before I head out for the day!) I returned here to have to go out to look for a home and have put an offer on a beautiful new townhome! I'm really excited, but also very busy taking care of "life" things that I pushed aside for the summer. Forgive me as I get my nest fixed up. I'm out looking for window treatments, a bit of furniture, a few odds and ends, and a new fridge!

As I'm out getting things ready to move in to my new place, I'm wondering ...where do you have your bookshelves??? I have four bookshelves, two that I used to keep in my bedroom, and two in the front room. Now that I have my own place to kind of spread out, I'm wondering where to set up my lovely bookshelves? Where do you put your bookshelves? Help!


  1. Until I finally get my dream house, complete with it's own library, I have my bookshelves set up wherever there's enough space.

    I have one in the living room, one in the family room, a small one in the dining room, 2 small ones in my bedroom, and a big one in the guest room.

    Wish I could have them all set up in one room, but my house has funky angles and it's hard to make them fit.

    Have fun decorating your new place! And congratulations! :)

  2. Where to put bookshelves...don't get me started! My husband and I argue about this all the time. lol

  3. I have two large ones side by side in the living room (getting another one soon, to put beside them) for the ones I've read, and I have a smaller one (not so small, but not as big as the other ones) in the bedroom for my tbr stacks.

  4. Since I live with my parents, I just have my bookshelves in my room. I like them there, though, because that's where I go to read. :) I also have a shelf in the living room, and a "book basket" that my mom got so I wouldn't leave piles of books everywhere.

    Basically I just have bookshelves where I read.

  5. Hi :)
    CONGRATULATIONS on getting your new place. Yay for more room!
    Bookshelves go everywhere in a writer's home. (Except bathroom & kitchen - steam is bad).
    Love and best wishes,
    twitter: @RKCharron

  6. I have three bookshelves in my bedroom and two in the living room.

    I am hoping for a library in my retirement home - many years until then.

  7. I have a reading loft, my personal space with about 300 books. The rest of my books are in 2 book cases in the finished basement.

    I'd want them close by where ever you like to sit and read.

  8. I'm so excited for you!!! Have fun with your new space!!!

  9. I thought you already had bought a house...did you have to find a different one? I would put the book shelves in a totally different room so you could have a fantasy library! Unfortunately, Joe has commandeered my empty room and turned it into a Junk Palace. Good luck...Let me know if you need anything!

  10. Um, everywhere? LOL.
    We have bookcases right inside the front door, all around the front room, in our bedroom, and in the hall. Yes, that's right, the hall.

    One day we'll have a library or something...

  11. Man, I love hearing about where you all keep your books. Thanks!

    Alexia --Thanks! I can't wait to move in and get things all settled. I LOVE it that you have shelves all over. Makes me want to visit and see them!

    Jo-Jo--LOL. Sounds like having homes for all your books is a challenge as with my own.

    Claire--I love the TBR bookshelf idea. I hadn't thought of that!

    Heidenkind--I've always had roommates, lived at home, etc. too, so I've had them in my room until I outgrew it last year and moved a bookcase into the living room. There really is something to be said though about having them surrounding you in your bedroom. I love lying in bed and being able to see my shelves and shelves of wonderful books. Sigh.

    RKCharron -- Thanks! I'm excited. I had to laugh at the bathroom idea, as I actually probably read more in the tub than just about anywhere. I suppose I better not expose the pages of my books to any more steam that they already have! :)

    Cathy--Oh, me too! I want a room/library someday as well. I don't know that I have that in this town home, but maybe down the road...

    Diane--Wow, how cool that you have so many! I think that's a good idea for me have them close by. I might have to put one upstairs in my room, and the others downstairs. Hmm...have to think on it some more!

    Staci--Thanks! I wish I could throw a virtual house warming party and invite all of you! :)

    Sarah--No such luck. The original one fell through. Although this switch has been stressful, I think I'll like this new one much better. Can't wait to see you next week!

    Britt--What's not to love about books everywhere? :) LOL. Thanks!

  12. Good luck with everything!! As for me, I have a bookcase in every room, but the bathrooms!! The kids have their special books in their own rooms, I have my TBR books in my bedroom, my favorites in my living room, cookbooks in the kitchen, and I am currently working on setting up a reading area in our family room/basement. My husband is even planning on building me more bookcases to store my many books that are still sitting in boxes!!! Someday I will have a library, but until then, my scattered books will have to do!

  13. Untill I buy a nice matching set & creat a library I just put my bookcases everywhere.