Saturday, April 11, 2009

Review: Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot

I should have posted about this last night, but just couldn't stay awake! :) It's better to post once one is fully awake and coherent.

Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot is the fourth in the Princess Diaries series and picks up right where book three left off. Mia is in Genovia for Christmas break, and desperately missing her newly acquired love, Michael Moskovitz. Mia agonizes over Michael, day in and day out, in her diary, discussing how painful it is to be separated from him, how cruel her grandmother and the entire country of Genovia are for keeping her from him, and how distance and time must be making him less interested in her, right? Once Mia gets home, you'd think they'd be fine, right? Wrong. Grandmere has too many princess duties for Mia, and once again she is left agonizing over time not spent with Michael.

Another cute entry in the series. I actually really liked this one, although I felt that teenage anxiety of first love and possible loss creep over me as I felt all that Mia did. The waiting bit is definitely about her waiting to be with her new boyfriend, and not about the waiting to become a royal! :) Yet again, a cute book, and puts me one stop closer to reading Mia's book that she wrote. After all, that's my goal. To complete the series and then read the book Mia wrote. It's all taking me back, so it's been kind of fun!

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