Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being Pecked to Death?

It's only an hour...yea, right. I was dragging all weekend, as if I had mono or something, and this time change hasn't helped things. Sigh. I'm a "responsible" adult though, so I get up every morning around 5:15 to 5:30...okay, so I don't roll out until after 6 because I feel like I'm bleeding internally when I force myself to get out of bed. I HATE MORNINGS. Does anyone else fantasize about sleep in excess amounts?

Well, I did manage to finish Ana Godbersen's third installment of the Luxe series, Envy. Having enjoyed the first two novels in the series, it shouldn't be any surprise that I really liked the third. I do sense a new trend though in short series, that writers are now writing four book series, and not the three that we used to be so familiar with. In this case, I'm glad (not irritated like I was with the Blue Blood series). Set in New York City, turn of the century, in upperclass society, you literally step into the lives of these young people as they negotiate their lives around the priorities set out for them by their culture and families. Book three immediately picks up where book two left off, but literally, the entire third book only takes place over about two or three months (you'll see why by the last couple of chapters). I can't say much, as it would give away the story that keeps propelling itself from novel to novel, but I have enjoyed watching Godbersen's writing style grow more stylistically sophisticated with each installment. While these are YA novels, they are more mature in theme (not necessarily sexual, just more about that marriage age that is so tricky), and don't have the light-hearted feel that much YA fiction likes to employ in popular fiction. I still say this has a bit of that Gossip Girls sort of flair to it, but the story of riches, courtship, and scandal in NYC are fun and escapist to read! I'm sad I have to wait awhile for book four!

FYI--Our Tess viewing night went really well. I was so tired that evening that I really dreaded heading back to work, but once our nearly 30 student group showed up and we got the film rolling, I found that I really enjoyed listening to their "boo-hiss" routine over the bad guy, their laughter over the delightful scenes, and their "ahhhh"s over the sweet things between Tess and Angel. So fun to watch it with them. Oh, and did I mention that in keeping with my current obession with all things British/Regency/Victorian that I watched the 1995 Pride and Prejudice again this past weekend...the last three episodes twice!

Okay, so I fell asleep through them or was grading my online classes, but still...COLIN FIRTH. How can you go wrong?

Well, my exhaustion right now stems partly/mostly from presentations my students are doing. It eliminates a ton of grading I have to do at night, but exponentially increases my "pecked by baby chicks" all day factor that makes me frazzled and tired by the end. (Man, the baby chicks comment brought a flood of warm memories flooding back from my childhood when my dad had baby chicks delivered each spring. I would rush home from school to sit alone in the barn with them, and they would swarm over me, chirping sweet.) Anyway, I love my students. REALLY, I do, but am so looking forward to heading to Hawaii with Doc in a week and a half. Pounders (my favorite beach) is calling my name. Well, that and lots of sunshine (I hope). Oh...and OF COURSE my mom! I can't wait to laugh, talk, read, eat, sleep, and play. Sigh. Can't wait. Oh yes, and the wild chickens just might have fresh little baby chicks for me to smile over. :)

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