Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Assembly Such as This

Well, I finally did it. I finished a book! Why in the world it would take me all week, in Hawaii, to finish one little book is beyond me. Thankfully though, yesterday afternoon, before I flew out, I finished Pamela Aidan's first book An Assembly Such as This. Set as Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's perspective, the first book covers from the beginning, up to the ball at Netherfield and their eventual removal to London. Honestly, I thought it was a sweet book, but moved a bit slow for me. I did love some of the small things that Darcy expressed in his interest for Elizabeth, including the embroidery string momento he pulls from Paradise Lost. Don't we all wish a man was so smitten with us that they had some small momento from us that they kept to remind them of us? I sure do! Overall though, I'm sure that book one was just setting everything up, or it could be that I was really dragging this past week, but at times I felt like I was dozing off during the story. Doc had HIGHLY recommended this trilogy, and many other friends have read them and loved them, so is it the curse of you've-built-this-up-too-much-and-now-it-can't-meet-my-expectation? I kind of think that might be the case, but I'm off to book two to see if I can lift myself out of this reading slump and really LOVE this series the way so many others have! Until then, I'm off to try to stay awake (jet lag...still on Hawaii time...including sun, not this nasty blizzard I came back to), and not freak out about piles of things waiting for me tomorrow. :( For now...Aloha!

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