Sunday, September 21, 2008

Much Ado...

I have so much to report on, between period dramas and random readings! I just finished two books this weekend: Stori Telling by Tori Spelling, and Loving Will Shakespeare by Caroline Mackler. I don't think I could have read two more different books, but I'll talk about them in a minute. First, let's cover what I watch yesterday while I was down with the dreaded aches and pains of that wretched flu shot! Oh, and I'm actually feeling almost back to my normal self today...thank goodness.

As always, I've been watching "Lost in Austen," which I found out is only a four part show that ends this upcoming week. ITV slammed the door on watching it on YouTube, so thanks to a wonderful person on a blog I read, they mentioned that you could download them from a place called mininova. Admittedly, I went there with plenty of trepidation over dreaded viruses, etc., but my yearning for more Austen pushed me on. :) Anyway, last weekend I figured out the wonderful world of torrents, codecs, and downloading media. I now think I'm on my way to figuring out how to transfer my own media to my video IPod! Two cheers for my learned media-savi! Too funny. If I had more meaningful challenges in my life, I'd be tackling them, and NOT media players! Anyway, episode 3 was a real shocker, but made it so I can't wait until this week for the finale.

I've also been watching Robin Hood, Season 2. What a great show! And so free of any smut. I really love the show, and I look forward to each disc that comes in the mail through Netflix! I'm on the last disc, so rather than give away the shocking end to Season 2 that I've already somewhat heard about, I'll just say that I can't believe I have to wait until APRIL for BBC America to start broadcasting Season 3. I think I might be pulling out all the stops and downloading weekly episodes from mininova!

One last show I wanted to comment on is "Lilies," which was recommended to me by Netflix because of my penchant for period drama and anything BBC. Well, it is true that it's a BBC-North Ireland production based around post-WW1, but...well...

how do I put this? It's pretty postmodern in its take of the family its based on. I felt like I'd stepped back into the Pat Barker novel Regeneration that I had to read for my Postmodern British Lit. class in graduate school. It has it all: post traumatic stress, poverty, gender disparity, class issues, religious repression, and sexual orientation. It's pretty gritty, and while not some smutty R-rated piece, I can't say that it's a relaxing good time. Maybe watching it under the influence of antibiotics and a cocktail of other medications helped me get throug it? Nevertheless, even though I don't hate it, I definitely WON'T put it in the same category as my other BBC loves.

Maybe I should create a second post with my 411 on the books I've read? Yes, I think that might be better! Until later then, Cheers!

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