Sunday, August 24, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I just finished Stephenie Meyer's fourth, and final book in the Twilight series about an hour and a half ago...and not a moment too soon! I had this great fear that my overzealous students at school were all going to reveal the ending to me. :) Besides, I have one of the school library's copies, so I better get it back to them! Here is the review I posted in

"In the beginning, I found Bella's personality to be grating and frustrating. It seemed as if once she found herself surrounded by men who loved her (and that she could wishy wash in between), that she lost a spine or brain! HOWEVER, once I kept reading, and got past a good 200 - 250 pages, I finally was able to see that Meyer had to set up a story with a full, rounded plotline. In the end, I was really captivated by the fourth book in this unusually engaging series. In fact, while I should have been working and doing any number of other things, I had my nose in a book! What a great way to spend a couple of days! My on. If you care about Bella, Edward, or even Jacob, then hang in there, and all will feel resolved."

Well, I'm off to try to read some of the other books on my list. I can't say how much time I'll have now, but there will always be weekends and workouts, right? Doc came over this weekend, and we watched North and South. I felt pretty validated when she looked at Richard Armitage in episode three and went, "That man is HOT."'s not just me! Anyway, it made for a glorious Saturday morning.(In the words of Shakespeare, "...ah, to be a glove upon that hand..." :) Yes, I amuse even myself!)

Well, off to bed to face another work week. Cheers!

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