Saturday, August 2, 2008


I leave on Tuesday!!! :( :( :( I'm freaking out a little by the whole thing, and while I knew it was coming, I'm still blown away by the fact that I have to go back and be an "adult" again pretty soon! I haven't touched my school stuff, but know it's going to all be a mad rush once I fly back in. The storm is coming.

Well, I have to apologize for my rant in the last entry. If you know me well, then you'll smile at my passionate speeches. If you don't know me, well then you got an inside view of how my mind works sometimes! Since then though, a lot has happened here. Not only did we actually get into Pearl Harbor, but I have the proof to show that we did. (By the way...if you happen to be in Hawaii the same time that I am, I refuse to try to get into Pearl Harbor again. I tried four times, and mom five, so I think I'm done! Mom might be nice though and try again with you.) We also went and hiked Diamond Head with Sari. I had to laugh though, because mom must have thought it was a little jaunt, as about half way up the 331 stair climb (after a windy, rocky trail), a sweat-soaked JoAnn gasped out, "Go ahead. I'll stay here." I didn't want her to regret not making it the little bit further to the top, so I had her follow me in a "slow and steady wins the race"-pace. Once she hit the bunker, she collapsed onto a ledge while Sari and I climbed out to the top. The view was BREATHTAKING, and the sky and water were sparkly and filled with sunshine. :) I have pictures to show in the slideshow, so once again, I'll hope it works.

My feet are still throbbing a little, but that's thanks to the Hades-like regime I kept today. After Diamond Head and walking Waikiki before taking Sari to the airport last night, I woke this morning with swollen feet, and an 80-year-old-woman's hip! I had an appointment with my trainer in Kaneohe, so I sucked it up, hobbled my way into my workout gear and shoes, and headed down. My trainer spent a good 20 minutes helping me work the tension out of my hip (which made me feel like an old lady or something), before putting me through the ranks. Actually, she just had me do abs, and then I went upstairs and lifted weights and did my cardio routine. Well, before you think it was all over, let me assure you that this was not it for my day. I had promised my trainer all summer that I would go to her spin class, and this was my last chance, so I headed back down again at 5 pm to take her hour-long class. I swear I turned into my dad, as sweat beaded up and rolled down my face and neck to absolutely drench my shirt. To get through the hour, I just focused on this black knob on the bike in front of me, thinking to myself, "My bootie is going to be screaming tomorrow!" I survived the class, and am now sitting back with my feet propped up, just as I deserve after all that. :) Until I go crazy and rant again, or have the desire to prattle and share the things I love (like books and film), then I'll be talking to you soon! Much love!

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  1. Wow! You are so in shape! There is no way in Hades I could do all that! In fact, about 15-20 minutes on my treadmill is all I can handle, as far as working out goes! Kudos to you, my dear!

    I'm sorry that you have to come back to desert land! I hope you will acclamate quickly!