Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shaw and Woolf

We're technically supposed to be reading "Arms of a Man" by George Bernard Shaw, and To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. If you're like me, you're terribly behind!!! Teaching school and having a life outside of school just don't seem to mix. :) Thirty-six days until summer vacation, thirty-six days until summer, thirty-six days until summer...that is my mantra right now! Can I vent a second by saying how impossible every day seems as you near the end of the school year? Any good sense a student might have towards being able to pay attention and/0r concentrate have long flown out the window. So, quite literally, they're like the baby that's gone past being sleepy and is now giving whoever fits by screaming and flailing around. Doc Leer one time told me that someone needed to invent spray Ritalin so that a teacher might spray it over a rowdy class, but I'm thinking something more along the line of a strong tranquilizer might be better! :) Okay, enough on teaching! The fact that we've sunk to #25 in the world says plenty...and I wouldn't blame teachers!!!

We're going to be posting a schedule on here soon, so keep your eyes peeled (I've always wondered about the meaning behind that phrase). War and Peace are coming up pretty quickly, so I think we should all brace ourselves for the onslaught to come! Lots of love, and keep those posts coming; we all like to see how you're all feeling about these crazy pieces. :)

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  1. I just finished "Arms and The Man" by Shaw, and can I say how delightful it was to read?!? Seriously, I sometimes drag my feet with anything that isn't "contemporary," and yet everything we've read so far has me smiling! Okay, so I might be an even bigger nerd that I thought. :) Shaw's play on status and cultural expectation intermingle in a delightful, yet insightful way. Can I say that I loved the "Chocolate Cream Soldier" and now secretly hope a raggedy soldier crawls through my window?!? Did I say that? I always knew I liked chocolate! :)