Sunday, April 22, 2007

Keeping 'Em All Straightened Out?

I wasn't sure if anyone else felt like I did, but even though I'm only through the first five chapters, we've been thrown a lot of characters! There are some places online where you can get reading guides that will serve as "worksheets" if you need them. (I'll try to post them on here later.) Anyway, I do have a couple of sites that I thought were interesting/cool that I thought I'd pass along!

Democracy Now! spent FOUR DAYS reading this...see their site about it.
One person's experience reading Tolstoy, from
Oprah! even gives you some meat to chew on about Tolstoy! :)
An interesting thumbs up from U. of Virginia professor about reading Tolstoy.
And...someone who had way too much time and their hands and figured out messages embedded in his text (as if tackling revolutions and obsessed leaders wasn't enough)

Okay, I have to stop procrastinating the lesson plans I need to finish for in the morning! My Spring Break is officially over. :( No, I didn't find myself in a bikini anywhere (thank goodness) or covered in whipped cream (darn...that might have been nice), but I had a nice time reading. C'mon! This is a GRE LITERATURE blog...what can we expect but boring days of reading?!? All right...back to my lesson plans. Now THAT is boring! (28 more teaching days until Summer!)

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  1. Oh, dear. Am I supposed to be done with War and Peace now? I'm only on page 45. Wait, wait, half full....I'm 1/22 of the way through the book! Yipee!!