Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Blatherings: 1/2 Way Through 2010-2011 School Year!

Friday wrapped up Term Two at the high school where I teach.  I also finished my contract work with my online job and finals week in the online class I'm teaching came to an end.  That was a lot of extraneous stuff that kept me running like a hamster in a wheel for far too long.  Needless to say, I haven't left my house these past two days as a reaction to the past two weeks.  It's been REALLY nice!  My library account is maxed out and I was given a bunch of books for Christmas, so I have plenty to read without leaving the house.  In reality, I just need to find time to write reviews.

On a super bright note, all of this work was really in preparation for a trip to London and Paris (and a few other stops in between).  I just purchased my tickets on Wednesday, so I'm pretty excited, as you might guess.  Sure I have to wait until June, but if an upcoming vacation isn't something to put your head down and work for, then I don't know what is.


  1. Oh - London and Paris in June - I am SO jealous. I have been to both cities twice, but did not stay nearly long enough for my taste. It is a dream of mine to return to Europe for an extended stay.

    Are you traveling with a group or just on your own?

  2. Lucky girl you are!! What a great trip to look forward to!!

  3. I would kill to be able to return to London for a longer stay than last time. I so love that city and haven't seen anywhere near enough of it.

  4. WOW! Totally jealous! Are you going by yourself? Sounds like a great plan for the summer.

  5. Molly--If you've been their twice, how lucky?!? I can't wait to go once. :) I'm actually going with EF Tours as a "teacher guide" along with the head of my department at work.

    Elisabeth--Thanks. I really can't wait!

    RuralView--I hope this isn't the only time I get to go. I've heard that both London and Paris are amazing and could take a lot longer to see.

    Laural--Ah, thanks. I wish you could come with me! :) I'm actually going for school. It's a great opportunity, but I don't have to actually chaperone. I'm just excited to finally see London & Paris.

  6. Wow!! All that hardwork is being off!! Is it bad that I'm looking forward to your trip as well in the hopes of living vicariously through pictures that you might post?!? :) (I'm in desperate need of a vacation these days!)