Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sunday So-So's

This past week was LONG.  I spent a good deal of my last week trying to get up to speed on our new term we just entered, so I could settle in for Term 2.  By the end of the week, things were looking pretty decent though, so I have high hopes for this coming one!

My BFF Doc is in the process of interviewing for medical internships across the country.  I don't understand most of what's going on, nor how this crazy process works or is feasible at all, but I was lucky enough to have her hanging around my place this weekend.  Although she had to work on an assignment on her laptop all day, we sat around in our pj's watching random stuff on DVR, and I worked on crafty things that I honestly hadn't touched in over two years! Below is the afghan I finished crocheting on Saturday.  It's now right on time for the holiday season.

For some reason, the picture isn't so great, but it is a "knobby" (if that's the right word) yarn and stitch that gives it a bit of character.  I was also working on a felt advent calendar, that was just for fun, but I doubt I'll really make much of a dent on that one before Christmas!

As for reading, I definitely have plenty that I'm working through.  This coming week we have our Local Author Book Club through my school district, "Teaching Through Literature Discussions," so I'm actually just starting The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum.  I'll really have to get a move on to get that finished by Thursday.  Later this week, I'll be holding a giveaway on this first book in her series, since I already owned a copy before the book club gave me a second!  Keep your eyes out for that giveaway.

I actually met the author at a book signing at a local Barnes and Nobles event in my area.  Just about every author from this area was there, and I went and purchased way too many books that day and had them signed.  I even took a few pictures with the authors.  I'll be honest, the pictures didn't turn out, so I felt it was a fail on my part and didn't end up posting them. 

On the blogging side of things, I'm excited to join in on two book swaps this year for Christmas!  The first swap I joined was the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa swap (open through 11/17). 

The second swap I joined was the Holiday Swap, which I participated in last year (open through 11/14).  Last year, I posted about the gift I sent in my December 3rd post.  Later, I shared in "Let the Holidays Begin...on Wednesday" what I received.  It was a lot of fun not only to participate, but to see all of the other posts that were shared during the swap.  If you're interested in sharing in the fun, I say join!  You still have a little while to join in, so do it today.

That's it for my weekend.  What have you been up to?


  1. Good luck with the new term starting! I've been wanting to start crocheting forever but somehow never get around to it. I love the color of the Afghan.

  2. Thanks! It is a great color, although there was a bit of drama with it. I ran out and they had changed the make. I ended up having to stitch one row from one skein, and then the next form a different skein, which is why the darn thing took me so long! :) At least it's finished, and as pretty as I hoped.

    Maybe now with this new term starting, I can actually settle in to some blogging and such before it goes crazy again?

  3. That is a beautiful blanket! I know I've told you a billion times, but we LOVE the blanket you made us. It is the coveted blanket in the winter. :D You are so incredibly talented, Becky! I wish I could do that!!!! And wish Doc good luck with all of her interviews. What specialty did she decide to do?

  4. I love the color of this blanket; just perfect color for fall and winter chilly nights. (Sadly, I have no creative talent).

  5. A. Roper--You're too nice! I'm glad you love your blanket. I would think it would be falling apart by now, since I've watched a few others I made years ago start to come undone. :) Doc is going into anesthesiology, although she's freaking out about the whole interview process.

    Diane--Thanks! It really is a pretty color and I look forward to many naps and reading forays with this blanket. :)

  6. I am oh-so-familiar with that application process of your BFF, so feel free to holler if you wanna! It's stressful and exciting all at once, and having that downtime was probably much needed!! :)