Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Catch Up...Again

Another week has zipped on by, and I'm just not sure sometimes where it all goes?!?  I have three weeks left here in Hawaii, and I'm starting that slide into my end of summer panic that always sets in.  I know.  I need a good shaking, and need to just enjoy myself!  What can I say? 

Today we attended a Tahitian dance competition at the Polynesian Cultural Center here in Laie, which was amazing, yet long.  (Tahitian dance is the faster paced dancing done to drums, not to be confused with the slower swaying and dancing with hands that is Hawaiian Hula.)  We didn't realize it would take most of the day, so although everyone on stage was shaking their boo-tays, ours were getting numb from sitting!  I did take some video of some of the performances, but they just didn't take very well.  The best performances were the 4-5 year olds, as I'm sure you can imagine.  They mastered those steps, and could shake, drop, and shimmy like the grown ups!  It was beyond cute, and had as giggling at their straight-faced performances.

Besides community events, we've stayed pretty close to home, and been trying to survive the heat.  I'm NOT complaining though, because I love the hot weather, beautiful blue skies, and green vegetation.  The summer also provides me with one of my favorite book-ish activities...walk-reading.  I've mentioned it before, but I love to grab a book and head out for a walk.  Many other readers have reached out and mentioned that they also can read and walk at the same time.  It seems to me that since I did this as an only child, walking home from the school bus down a country lane after school, that it just carried into adulthood.  Now I call myself the grand master, which makes me laugh!

This week I hope to finish up a few of the following novels:

I don't seem to have any one genre in mind this summer, and have read all sorts of books.  What types of books are you reading this summer, and where's your favorite place to read when it's hot?  I like to cozy up with a book in the winter, so summer is different.  I'm curious to hear where you all read?


  1. You're reading a lot of interesting books Becky :)

  2. I walk and read too. I think it was born out of getting to a really compelling part of the book and having to get off the bus or subway. I just had to find a way to keep reading. I usually don't read any differently during the summer. I read a wide variety and I tend to just keep that up over the summer as well.

  3. I love to sit on the lounge chair in our backyard and read. Lately I have hankering for mysteries, as you've noticed, but right now I'm reading a very strange book.

  4. I don't walk and read but maybe I'll have to try although when I'm walking it's usually with the dog and then I'm busy making sure he doesn't get into anything.

    In the summer I like to try and read outside on my swing otherwise just really wherever I plant my butt. lol.

    It looks like you have some interesting ones to read. I have Manifest although haven't started it. We'll have to read another together when I get over my reading slump.

  5. I am trying very hard not to bemoan the final weeks of summer as well --- it is hard to do though.

    We are experiencing temperature in the 90s with triple digit index here. My "nook" is on the top floor of the house, and heat rises you know, so I have a fan blowing on me and a tall glass of iced tea next to me as I try to read.

  6. Irisonbooks --Thanks. I like my book choices right now.

    Nicole -- Yay! A fellow book-walker. :) It's such a great skill, and allows the footsteps to blend away in the pages of a great story. I haven't mixed in the whole subway situation, so I'd say you are probably a bit more talented in that way than I am!

    Heidenkind -- I have a back porch/yard on my new house, and I've been thinking about getting some sort of lounge swing to put back there. You just reminded me to see what I can find. Hmmm...maybe I should start checking out what stores carry something like that. It would be nice to sit out there for the month of summer I'll have left, and into the fall!

    Darlene -- I agree about the butt planting bit! :) I kind of like to lay down to read, so I'm on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to reading...I walk or lay flat. LOL. You probably have Manifest to review too, eh? We'll both have to get started on that one soon!

    Molly -- With school looming ahead is so scary, eh?!? That's fun that you have a little place to be your reading spot. Do you have like a special chair or couch up there?