Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Michael Buble & a Review: Calamity Jack by Shannon & Dean Hale

I've had much to do in the world of blogging, and either no initiative, or no time. Sound familiar? I'm reading and listening to many great reads right now, which I hope to share in a Sunday Salon. As for this week, I simply got a bit busy, and then took a time out to go to the Michael Buble concert last night. What a great time! I think I'm a renewed fan, even more than I was before. His concert was just fantastic, his singing top notch, and his interaction with the audience too funny. Thank goodness he performed my favorite, "Feeling Good," which I listen to just about every morning at work to get me going for the day, or I think I would have cried! It was just a great change for the work week.

As for reading, I wanted to review the second graphic novel by Shannon and Dean Hale, Calamity Jack.

Synopsis: Following up Rapunzel's Revenge, we get the back story on Rapunzel's friend, side-kick, and love interest Jack. Patterned after Jack in the Beanstalk, but only slightly, Jack tried to save his family by playing a type of Robin Hood character in planting a beanstalk to reach the top of the skyscraper owned by the evil rich guy who pretty much owned the city. In the process, Jack causes a lot of trouble and does more damage than good. That's when he supposedly left and had his adventure with Rapunzel, who he brings back with him to his home city to try to repair the wrongs and damages he has caused. In short, Jack must save the day, and win over the girl with his amazing, heroic prowess!

Review: This was a cute follow up to the first graphic novel, and tied the characters together nicely. As a newcomer to graphic novels, I will admit to not quite following the myriad of creatures and characters that popped up in this second installment. Some of the adventures made my head spin a bit, and I wondered how all of the characters and story lines would pull together. I recognize though, that as an adult reader, I might have missed the playfulness of the graphic novel format by being too caught up on the storyline. It is obvious that young readers and fans of comic adventures would find Calamity Jack great fun to read. In fact, there's no way we could say this novel was boring at all. Although I struggled to always follow all of the action going on, a younger reader or fan would love its storyline and engaging artwork.

For more information, see: Calamity Jack.

This graphic novel counts as my 4th read in the 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge.

*Review based from a library copy of the novel.


  1. Oh, I was going to ask you on twitter how the concert went, but I forgot. Isn't Michael Buble just the best? I think this last concert was the best that I've ever seen from him. My favorite part is when he sings a Capella at the very end. ::sobs:: So amazing!

    Okay, I'll stop now. :)

  2. I know! It was so great. :) I actually got a migraine earlier that day, and really panicked that my $100 tickets would go to waste. Thankfully, LOTS of Ibuprofen & a quick nap before we left took the edge off of it so I could still go. Man, he's so great!

  3. Oh, lucky you! Michael Buble in concert...definitely something to see. ^_^

  4. I too was happy to hear Feeling Good! That made a great encore number. Ah... he was fun. Now I'm sad not to have it to look forward to anymore! I hate that!