Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Salon: TBR Pile is Falling Over

Happy Sunday. I had anticipated a weekend filled with snowstorms, but instead, we have nothing but rain. Weird. I'm actually hoping that we do get snow before I leave for the holidays, as it will be my one chance to get a "white" Christmas.

Yesterday I spent several hours reading, when I probably should have been grading, so today I HAVE to get my grading done before I can go back to reading. Honestly, the piles of books are getting a bit out of hand. I've reached my limit that you are allowed to check out from the public library, I have way too many ARCs coming down the line, I have stacks of books to read for the new Popular Fiction class I'm teaching next year, and I have all of my own books that I've been wanting to read for ages! Listen, I love stacks of books, but even this is getting to me a little. So, for today, let me just share in a nice list of what I'd like and need to finish or get to.

These are the ones I'm already in the middle of reading.

These are the ones due back to the library soon, and I really want to read ASAP!

Well, wish me good luck. I don't know how much reading I'll be doing between now and my vacation that starts on December 23rd. I have a feeling that all my reading will happen once I hop on that plane to Hawaii, and after getting there! Christmas is always a great reading time for me. How about you? How much reading do you do over the holidays?


  1. well, I totally understand the TBR pile issue -- I have acquired more books this year than I think I have acquired in the past decade!

    Good luck with your grading this week --- I will be grading lots of final papers as well.

    I hope you write a future post about your new Pop Fiction course --- it sounds fascinating!!

  2. Once upon a time when I was in school, I was able to get a lot reading done during the holidays. But now that I'm not, everything blends together. I HOPE I can get some serious reading done this holiday.

    I totally sympathize with you on the towering TBR pile. I donated a bunch of books to the library on Thursday just because I couldn't take them all sitting there, WAITING for me to read them anymore. I don't think I'm going to buy a lot of books from now on; at least when I get them at the library, I can take them back at the end of a month.

    I can't believe you haven't finished Hush, Hush, yet! I read that in two days. Could not put it down.

  3. Most of us can sympathize with the towering TBR's o.k.!!! Good luck getting your papers done...and then enjoy your vacation in Hawaii!!!

  4. TBR pile?! Mine has become a TBR wall (which threatens to topple).

    The cover of HUSH HUSH is striking! Enjoy your reading.